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We are currently seeking talented and highly motivated M.Sc./Ph.D. students and post-docs. Students who wish to apply are welcome to contact me at:


The BEE lab has available positions for post doctoral research associates in the field of bioelectronic and electrochemical sensors. We welcome candidates with a background in electrical engineering who wish to learn about cell biology or candidates from a biology/chemistry background who wish to be trained in device design and bioelectronic interfaces. Successful candidates are expected to demonstrate independence in conducting research, track record of peer-reviewed journal publications and strong writing and verbal English skills. Experience in microfabrication and/or physical chemistry is a plus.


We have open positions for MS/PhD students in either electrical engineering or biology/chemistry. Research projects focus on developing electrochemical biosensors and applying them in agro-food and clinical diagnostics, elctrochemical imaging, design of multi-electrode arrays, chemical modifications etc. Background in physical chemistry will be considered a plus. Successful candidates are expected to work in a multi-disciplinary research team.  

Lab manager

The BEE lab is looking for a manager. Successful candidate must hold a PhD in Natural sciences. Graduates of EE will be considered as long as they have hands-on experience in bioanalytic methods. Prior post-doc experience is preferred but not required. The lab manager tasks include: mentoring of MS/PhD students, writing grant proposals and various routine admin tasks. 

We generally prefer candidates who are willing to work in a multidisciplinary environment and feel comfortable stepping out of their comfort zone!

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